Drilling Optimization

LILA’s qualified and experienced team members review the planning, execution and evaluation phases of the well delivery cycle to maximize efficiencies and cost savings.

The collective experience of the LILA team adds the value of well-specific lessons learnt which drive changes to the well delivery process - resulting in continually improving performance for the client.

A few of the key issues in the well delivery process which affect successful well delivery are:

  • Timely well planning
  • Rig selection
  • Effective logistics and service support 
  • Wellbore trajectory 
  • Bit selection
  • Mud properties
  • Drill string configuration
  • Torque and drag analysis
  • Hydraulics program
  • Stuck pipe and/or drill string failure mitigation
  • Cementing and casing design

Our well professionals optimize the well delivery process throughout each phase by continually monitoring and adjusting each element of the process, in conjunction with client management, to achieve the optimal well solution and the achievement of client well objectives at minimum cost and minimum risk.