Performance Coaching

Clients wanting safe operations with reduced well delivery costs may elect to use LILA coaches  who deliver an operations based improvement process.The LILA service provides a customized, action oriented process that fully engages the well delivery team and reinforces the behavior dependant aspects of change.

Our coach’s primary role is to instill the plan, execute, measure, and learn cycle to promote improved performance.

Insuring clear lines of communication, detailed planning and advance preparation prior to performing each task promotes the safest and most efficient operations.

Establishing performance measurements provide objective information help the well delivery teams benchmark their work.

Emphasis is placed on noting the good actions to be repeated on future similar tasks and holding open discussions concerning problem areas.The coach counsels the team to take proactive steps to ensure solutions are implemented promoting a positive attitude and atmosphere of teamwork.


Value Engineering - Organized and systematic approach to assist a multidiscipline team to select, investigate, brainstorm, evaluate, develop, present solution to reduce project costs, improve schedules and identify opportunities to apply new technologies.

RACI Matrix - Assignment of Responsibility, Accountability, Consulted and Informed roles within team to achieve a common understanding of who does what and who ultimately is the assigned individual responsible for delivery of specific task.

Analysis of Risk and Uncertainty - Rate risks and uncertainty in terms of probability and potential impact to assist in developing mitigating   actions to reduce the risks to acceptable level.

Drilling Well Optimization Process (DWOP) & Completion Well Optimization Process (CWOP) - Process of analyzing each step of the well construction process to generate ideas for improving performance reduce costs.

Good Practices - Emphasizing historically proven “good oil field practices”.

Theoretical Maximum Performance - Stretching goals identifies improvement opportunities with acceptable risks.This building on successes and learning from mistakes is the process where the team compares the estimated plan to a theoretical maximum to reach minimum days to drill, complete, test and produce the well.

After Action Reviews - Improve the well delivery team’s ability to learn during execution phase.This facilitated process allows teams to learn immediately from successes and failures, these group reviews compare what actually happened with what was supposed to happen.